Imagine how it would feel to be offered a College Track Scholarship for a University of your dreams! This has become a reality for College freshman and AD alumni Jake Penny. Jake is one of the key sprinters who was selected from St. Ignatius College in Australia. Jake is one of the few elite student athletes that has been offered this opportunity to attend the College Track Scholarship program for 2016-17. This is an exciting time for Northern State University as they can now offer more substance to their team in terms of the high performance that they expect. This should help to increase the talent base for the University, in representing them to a higher level than ever before. Not only will Jake be part of an already strong existing team, but he will be able to showcase his own talents, who knows what is to come in Jake’s College future.

Jake has been offered a unique opportunity to show off his skills with his personal bests attained in the 100m and 200m races with some impressive times of 10.77 and 21.88. Jake will continue to perform to this high standard with his dedication and the support that he will receive from Northern State University. He has competed in the Australian Championships and has been a member of the 4 x 100m winning relay team.

He will not be out performed easily as Jake has also been able to provide a conceivable 42.18 best when his team competed in the 4 x 100m relay. He is a fantastic representation of a freshman who has shown real success and an aptitude for track and field in particular. As an amazing sprinter, he is continuing to show his skills that he had previously acquired from the St. Ignatius Wolves where he showed momentum with his personal bests. Originally from Geelong, Victoria, Australia and born to parents Phil and Cheryl Penny, there is no doubt that they have raised an award winning athlete.

Jake is showing significant promise for future success and he should be a valuable member of the 2016-17 squad. Northern State University will be able to provide Jake with just the right amount of support and continued encouragement that he needs. Every athlete has the ability to excel, once they have the right mind set, determination, skill and overriding ambition to carry on with their success. Only then, will it really be shown how they will perform in future competitions.

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