Once you join Athletes Dream you become part of the AD Alumni for life.  Here are some testimonials from a few of our Alumni members.

Over the last year we have been working with Athletes Dream to secure an Athletic and Academic scholarship for our daughter in the Unites States. We cannot praise Athletes Dream high enough for the tireless efforts they have put in. They spent time explaining the US system in detail with us and developed a joint plan which they implemented vigorously. They provided an exemplary marketing package which was placed on line and put in place a regular communication strategy which meant we could contact them any time. They were extremely responsive to our needs adapting their processes as our daughters preferences changed over time. We were particularly impressed with Chris Shee and his diligence. He didn’t shut down over the Christmas break, following up leads and providing advice that was only in our daughters best interest. Thanks so much to Chris and the team. Eloise is very proud to call her self an Athletes Dream Alumni! – Kym Steer, MBA

Kym Steer - Father of Eloise SteerSoccerUrbana University, Urbana, Ohio

AD48 - MuffettI was 12 I watched my first ever game of NCAA lacrosse on TV in my living room, thinking to myself “I want to be there one day” and so my dreams got bigger. When I was 14 I made my first state team, when I was 16 I made my first Australian team.  I was the young girl with a dream to play lacrosse at a collegiate level and had the drive to get there but I can say that without the assistance and guidance Athletes Dream has offered me through out the college recruitment process I wouldn’t be in this position, ready to start my new life as a Jacksonville University Dolphin, Class of 21’. Their work cannot go unrecognised, specifically the work Chris Shee performed had landed me multiple interviews where I got to speak directly to US coaches where I received recruitment offers in which we then worked together to see which was most suited for myself in terms of location, education, financial capability, athletically and ensured security that comforted my family. I can say honestly that before signing with AD my family and I had limited knowledge about the details of the recruitment process. Athletes Dream were able to help explain and provide valuable information into the steps to attain an NCAA eligibility status, registering for the SAT’s and signing your National Letter of Intent. I would like to thank Athletes Dream for all they have done for me as a student-athlete and for making me a part of the Athletes Dream Family as well as helping me to become a member of the Jacksonville University Dolphins Family.

Sharn MuffettLacrosseJacksonville University, Jacksonville Florida

AD32 - JohnsonWatkinsWhen I was first approached by AD I knew that is was the start of the dream I have had since I was young. Chris and the AD team worked tirelessly to make what I wanted a reality. After setting up my Player Profile I worked very closely with Chris. He was always available for Skype calls to just talk about any concerns or queries that my family or I might have had regarding any of the opportunities that were a possibility to my college pathway. Without Chris I would not have been able to get anywhere near the college I wanted without Chris’ help. He makes everything seem so easy as he communicates back and forth with coaches about you, while making sure you are comfortable with it. This is what made my experience easier. From constant feedback on the latest progression video, to prepping me to talk 1 on 1 with a coach, Chris helped me understand the American system and what I had to do to get there.

Meeting both Chris and Ash when they visited Australia was great, they both have such positive, driven attitudes and push to help get to play at the college level. Starting sessions with Casey and his ADvantage program has helped my get myself college ready by guiding me into knowing what my body can handle and how to get as fit as possible for the next stage.

I would like to thank the whole AD family for the amazing opportunity they have helped me gain. I could not ask for a better family to help guide me into my 2017 placement at a Div I Junior College.

Elaine Johnson - Mother of Brooke Johnson-WatkinsVolleyballIndian Hills Community College, Ottumwa Iowa

ad14-kraakAfter successfully going through the whole process with Chris Shee from AD we would highly recommend Athletes Dream to any family thinking of chasing their dream of a US College scholarship. Chris and the team at AD were very professional and super friendly and helpful. We felt that Chris represented our daughter in the best possible way and was happy to answer all our questions and was always available whenever we had silly questions. (We had some very funny SKYPES – Chris has a great sense of humor) The level of commitment from Chris was second to none and he certainly left no stone unturned. Our daughter received an excellent result and is now enjoying a scholarship at a successful Div II university in sunny Florida! Thanks again Chris and the team.

Rachel Kraak & FamilySoftballFlorida Institute of Technology

ad25-twizzellAfter competing at Swimming Australia Olympic Trials in Adelaide in April I was really keen to begin the next phase of my swimming life by going to an American College, and Athletes Dream helped make my ambition a reality. They have been incredibly supportive throughout the whole experience, providing me with so many different choices and opportunities, and assisting me to make my final decisions. The team of Ash, Chris and Michael have all given me such insight into the college experience and have really equipped me with so much knowledge before I even attend, which has given me more confidence about going. I thank everyone for all their help and know they will still continue to support me on my College journey!

Will TwizellSwimmingMount Saint Marys University, Maryland

Athletes Dream helped William to achieve his long held dream of going to College in America!

They provided a service, which was extremely supportive and geared towards achieving his individual goals. They took time to get to know Will and us personally, provided all the options with no false promises, helping us to research the correct University fit for Will.

At times we felt it was perhaps too big an ask, to tick all the boxes, NCAA Div 1 Swimming, a Good Conference, the Right Degree options, Location, School Support, plus achieve an Amazing Scholarship Offer, but with Athletes Dream we did just that! They shared Will’s profile to Coaches and University’s right up to the final NLI signing date in August, working extremely hard on his behalf to the end, with a fantastic belief in him.

Will is going to Mount St Mary’s University in Maryland this August to become part of their newly created Division 1 Men’s Swimming team, with all the opportunity this offers and he is extremely pleased and excited!  

It’s an enormous step to go to the other side of the world, begin a University education, combine it with competitive sport and be independent. Families worry, it’s understandable, we did, but no decision was rushed and Ash Smith and Chris Shee the Athletes Dream Councilor could not have been more helpful, patient and understanding, and continue to be so.  

Athletes Dream are an organised professional team; genuinely knowledgeable in all the exact requirements for a US scholarship education, they guide you through the process, from the very beginning, choosing the right school subjects, to how you get NCAA or NAIA clearance, to achieving the US Visa. Although from what we achieved, and understood from others, AD can assist at any part of the process, so don’t be worried about becoming involved at any stage, in Y9 at school or after starting TAFE or University here in Australia and transferring. No part of the journey is understood overnight, but with Athletes Dream there is time for questions and more questions, and more questions, till the goal is realised!

Athletes Dream are very approachable, definitely happy to assist in any way they can, no choices are hurried, the support from Chris Shee and the whole team was superb. We can thoroughly recommend Athletes Dream; the service is honest and realistic. With Athletes Dream a US University or College Scholarship Education is achievable, and all the positives this brings totally outweigh any concerns!

Fiona Twizell - Mother of Will TwizellSwimming

ad35-blumbergAs a parent I want to say that Athletes Dream have done a fantastic job in opening up opportunities for Ryan to attend a university in the USA. From putting together his video profile, to coming to watch him play in Adelaide at the Pacific Games, to marketing Ryan to coaches at top schools in the USA and to having Chris Shee available on the phone or by Skype as often as required, AD have been great to work with and definitely made the whole process much easier and more  efficient. Ryan would not have the opportunities he has now at NCAA Division I Colleges without the help of AD. Ryan is deciding between College in the USA or pursuing a professional career following his current time at the Nike Academy in the UK.

Derek Blumberg - Father of Ryan BlumbergSoccer

ad30-brideIf it wasn’t for AD I wouldn’t have played my first year of college ball and achieved what I did. AD went beyond what I expected and took everything into their hands. Within no time my phone was ringing off the hook with coaches from all over America wanting me at their school. From Division 1 to Division 2, to NAIA to Juco basketball it was awesome and overwhelming. The efforts of Ash Smith and Chris Shee was outstanding and I cannot thank you guys enough, I wouldn’t be where I am today and have the opportunities I have without your relentless efforts to see me succeed. AD didn’t just get me to a college, they didn’t let me settle, I went to a school of my caliber where I was able to play in the best conference in the country. This exposure has led to many more division one schools contacting me and opening up more opportunities. Thank you so much AD!

Bride Kennedy-HopoateBasketballNorth West Florida State College, FL

ad15-lazarevskiTo the AD team,

My name is Sash Lazarevski and I’m the father of Jason Lazarevski that attended Yavapai College in 2015 / 2016.

First of all, I would like to thank the following people for their magnificent help on achieving my son’s dream of getting a Soccer Scholarship in America , they are Chris Shee, Ash Smith and Michael Cavallaro. I also want to thank the people in the back ground that I never got to speak too. What a great advertisement they are to AD. They are very polite, well mannered, super-efficient and their willingness to please and to do the best job is to be commended. Congratulations on your staff’s performance – they do the company proud.

From the very beginning, my dealings with AD and the staff have been exemplary and when they say welcome to the family, they truly mean it. Family for life!

My sons journey was a very complicated one, as he was overseas playing in Uruguay and had to finish his TAFE education in NSW, Australia. So from the start, things weren’t smooth sailing. AD’s had great knowledge and guidance towards the process whilst being bold with the truth, as many other companies promise the world but then give excuses. Not with AD.  From the first call I received, it was open and honest and they went on about their business in a true professional manner.

One thing that sticks out the most was my son Jason had everything in order to leave in 3 weeks and then the College rang me and advised me that my son, by NJCAA interpretation of the rules, was deemed to be a professional soccer player and would not now attend the college. Well imagine the panic that set in, as all was in order, tickets paid, passport down, the money was all paid up and just the American Embassy was last on the list. 3 weeks to go and this massive wall was put in front of my family, the stress, the sleepless nights and doubts.

This is why I associate myself with AD.

First of all, they rang me first and told me to be calm as possible, don’t worry about anything and follow their instructions as they will sort out the problem / hiccup. Without delay they just jump onto the problem and were gathering information from all 3 Governing Bodies, NJCAA Association, FFA (Football Federation Australia) and Yavapai College.

You can appreciate the outstanding can do attitude / effort as the time difference ( we all have families ), maneuvering going back and forth with explanation, counter claims and understanding of the rules, then finally getting letters and statements to prove and finalize his Eligibility to attend the College.

I can honestly say without AD’s help / hard work my son Jason Lazarevski would have not attended College and some financial loss would have occurred . AD’s quick thinking and perseverance made this happen.

Also once they arrive in the US, AD make sure they are in communication with the person making sure everything is OK.

To whom is reading this testimonial, hand on heart I truly recommend AD, as you will not be disappointed. If you wish I can also be contacted to ask any questions regarding AD – Email address –  sash.laz1972@gmail.com

Kind Regards,

Sash Lazarevski


Sash Lazarevski - Father of Jason LazarevskiSoccerYavapai Community College, Prescott Arizona

ad21-browningI was beginning my HSC year when AD contacted me about going to the states for college. I never really expected anything to come of it and wasn’t sure if they were going to scam me or get me into a college that I wanted. But a year and a half later I’m a few months out from going to American University in DC with a half scholarship and going to a college I wanted. I can’t speak highly enough of the AD team they are the real deal. Everything they said would happen has happened and they made the process seamless and easy to understand. My dad didn’t even realize what I was doing until I told him I got the offer and he was very happy with the way AD treated me in terms of sticking to their word. In June of last year AU paid for me to go visit the campus for 48 hours and it was an amazing experience and it really all comes down to how Chris from AD and the AD team marketed me, a lot of the credit has to go to them.

Luke BrowningSoccerAmerican University

ad17-schafferSince Chris Shee from AD first asked if I would be interested in competing in the US, my track and field abilities have taken me to places I did not know I could go. I was not even aware that studying while competing in America was an option for me, or the vast number of Colleges in the US until Chris brought this to my attention. I’m now completing my Master’s degree in America, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m very thankful to have. I have to thank Athletes Dream for the support throughout the process of contacting coaches and organising possible Universities to attend and in the end obtaining a scholarship that simply does not exist in Australia. University sport in America is so much grander than anything I’ve experienced back home and the people I’ve met and the places I’ve gone while attending West Texas A&M University have made every moment of my American adventure worthwhile so far. I have only just started my degree and I’m excited to see what opportunities present themselves to me over the next few years.

Alex SchafferTrack & FieldWest Texas A&M

ad57-dinataleUpon conversing and chatting with Chris from AD, I had noticed a sincere and genuine aura of professionalism from him, as the details he gave to me regarding the establishment, the process of recruitment and how particular situations escalated amid the recruitment process was always very clear, concise and informative. Albeit the personal challenges in regards to getting the right type of video footage etc, AD made the process very simple and easy to follow, and thus, a scholarship was presented to me which was very enticing, financially sustainable and appealing in regards to the University’s academic choices and the quality of my sport of choice (Soccer). Thanks to AD I will be playing the Sport I love in the States this year.

Gabriel DiNataleSoccerUniversity of the Great Falls

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 02: Rebecca Welke of Australia dives into the water to start the Women's 50 Metre Breaststroke during day seven of the Australian Swimming Championships at SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre on May 2, 2013 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)Bec had always wanted to swim and study in the US College system but didn’t know where to start. After the Queensland State Short Course Championships in August, Chris Shee contacted Bec and the process started from there.  We had many Skype calls with Chris and he always happy to help out with advice and ideas to move forward – no matter what time of the day.  Bec’s goal, as well as Athletes Dreams goal, was to have her sign a National Letter of Intent on a Full Scholarship in the November Sign On Period. This was 10 weeks from the first contact with Athletes Dream to the signing of the NLI.  As predicted by the team at Athletes Dream, contact started with coaches and at times it became quite hectic. Chris Shee’s advice and guidance through this time of talking with coaches was invaluable.  Her dream came true, and Bec will commence with the University of Toledo in August. Athletes Dream were very professional through the whole process and I would highly recommend their services if you are considering a sporting or academic scholarship to a US College.

Ash Welke - Father of Bec WelkeSwimmingUniversity of Toledo, Ohio

ad9-calvertMy son Lachie Calvert announced he was going to the US to pursue his athletics, namely Decathlon and to study abroad. He was really keen so we asked Athletes Dream to help make a US College Scholarship Lachie’s reality! Michael, Ash and Chris went to work on an athlete profile then put out the call to hundreds of US Colleges that offered multi events on their Track roster. Chis Shee communicated often,  brokered plenty of College offers, assisted us with information, contacts and helped negotiate the NCAA testing requirements, how to get a GPA, an I-20  and the US College visa process.

Lachie arrived at West Texas A&M University, Canyon Texas mid-August to join their Track Team and so began 4 years of Science and Athletics studies and Track & Field Training. He will begin Indoor competition mid-January and is living the Dream! I never knew there were so many Colleges, and how to approach looking for a Scholarship. I fully recommend asking Athlete’s Dream to help our kids realise their full potential to study and compete abroad.

Dianne Calvert - Mother of Lachie CalvertTrack & FieldWest Texas A&M University, Canyon Texas

ad10-mcdonaldWe highly recommend Athletes Dream to any family thinking of entering into the US College recruitment process. Chris and the team at AD were professional, knowledgeable and very approachable. This is a daunting prospect for a family and we felt very supported and informed during the entire process. The level and frequency of communication from the team at AD was excellent and we felt that we could ask any question no mater how trivial, the response always being encouraging and positive. Our daughter received an excellent basketball scholarship at a successful junior college and we know that the research, connections and knowledge of the systems and processes in the US by AD was pivotal in her securing such a great scholarship.

Fiona McDonald - Mother of Bianca McDonaldBasketballNortheast Community College, Nebraska

ad4-holmesAs parents we have been so happy with the assistance that Athletes Dream has provided us in finding the right US university for our daughter. Chris Shee was very supportive and proactive throughout the process, contacting and following up with coaches at schools that our daughter was interested in. She now attends Colgate University and plays in the soccer program there. It wouldn’t have happened without Athletes Dream.


Anne Oldford - Mother of Dylan HolmesSoccerColgate University, Hamilton New York

ad16-welkeI started competitive swimming at the age of 7 and it wasn’t until I was 13 that I won my first gold medal at State Short Course in Brisbane for the 50m Breaststroke. From that day I was determined to go further with my Swimming.  Halfway through my first year of Uni at USQ in Toowoomba I had to think about how I could continue to train and study whilst working. I had heard that representing a college in the USA was something special with the team environment and the nature of competition between colleges. I am so glad I spoke with Chris who guided me through the application process and talking to colleges. Athletes Dream has definitely made the recruitment process simple. I am proud to say that I have accepted a swim team position at the University of Toledo in Ohio, which is a Division 1 school. I am forever grateful to AD for helping me with everything. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Bec WelkeSwimmingUniversity of Toledo, Ohio

ad5-bishopEver since I was a kid growing up I dreamed of being a professional golfer as well as playing for a college team in the United States. It seems surreal to think that my dream has come true and I’m now signing for Garden city CC. Everything happened super fast whilst still having endless choices and offers. For the way I see it, there is no other option than to be a Student Athlete in a US College, and I can’t wait to pursue my career further. You’re doing your favorite sport in the world at the highest possible level whilst studying a major of your choice. As much as I love Australia, it just doesn’t provide the same opportunities that can be achieved in the United States. I can’t thank Athletes Dream enough for the opportunity and support they’ve provided.

Jordan BishopGolfGarden City CC

ad4-holmesI am so grateful to Athletes Dream for helping me find a US college that is the perfect fit for me. Through persistent networking, Athletes Dream was able to present me with several excellent college options for me as a Student Athlete. I will be attending Colgate University, one of the finest liberal arts schools in the country. I am looking forward to playing soccer there and making positive contributions to their top-tier NCAA Division I program. Go Raiders! Thanks Athletes Dream!

Dylan HolmesSoccerColgate University, Hamilton New York

ad3-christidisI began playing football (soccer) from the age of 6 in France in a town called Villeneuve la Guyard. Like many young kids I always dreamed of one day becoming a professional soccer player and I feel with the opportunity that Athletes Dream have given me I could one day make that dream become reality. Athletes Dream made the recruitment process easy for me by helping out with any queries/decisions that I wanted to make and I’m very happy to have accepted a scholarship at Pratt CC. I’m very excited and thankful for everything everyone has done and am looking forward to the experience of a lifetime. 


Simon ChristidisSoccerPratt CC


Ever since I was little I dreamed of playing college level softball in the United States but sometimes I still can’t believe that dream became a reality. My recruitment process was short and I had a lot of different options, but accepting a scholarship to one of the most prestigious programs in the nation at the University of California Berkeley was easily the best decision I have ever made. Being a student-athlete in college has provided me with the opportunities and experiences of a lifetime that I am so thankful for and will value for the rest of my life.

Steph TrzcinskiSoftballUniversity Of California, Berkeley

Sport SA - Jan Sutherland

This is a great opportunity for our athletes to gain a valuable higher education while pursuing their aspirations of a career as an athlete. Some talented South Australians are already enjoying this learning for life and Sport SA will be working with Athlete’s Dream who make this pathway more accessible and easier to navigate for everyone

Jan SutherlandCEOSport SA

9/19/15 Cross Country Women at Commodore Classic

As a middle distance track runner, at age 11 I made my first state team for the 800m having never trained for athletics. Over the next 8 years I continued running and qualified for the  athletics Olympic Trials during my year 12. My recruitment campaign took only weeks and we had a very strong response and soon enough I had coaches calling me at all hours of the day. I chose a full ride to the University of Mississippi in the August of 2013 and have transferred to University of Michigan.

Sophie LinnTrackOle Miss & Michigan


I was strong from a young age and began competing in Olympic weighting, winning the Australian National Championship in 2008. I competed in the Commonwealth Games in 2008 and the following years developed a desire to play American Football. Although I had never played a team sport, I believed my physical attributes and passion for American Football would be worth a shot. At 20 years old and only going to University for one year in Adelaide, the idea of playing American Football whilst studying a degree of Kinesiology become a realistic dream. I commenced the recruitment process and after six weeks had received multiple offers from NCAA division one and division three schools. I am now at Pacific University where I am currently studying and have finished playing my first season of Football. Training was great and I was so impressed with my teammates and the work we had been doing. I finished my second semester with a 4.0 and a spot on the Deans list. My accomplishments in the classroom have been just as challenging and rewarding as my athletic ones. I already owe so much to Pacific University. Choosing to take the leap and pursue being a student athlete was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It taught me that anything is attainable if you really go for it.

Casey HeadleyAmerican FootballPacific University Oregon

brad-websiteI began playing golf at age 12 and I can remember early on always dreaming of coming to the United States and playing college golf. My progression through the game of golf was steady but not miraculous. After I finished high school I began developing a good strategy for entering the college system. I was amazed at the amount of schools and possibilities there were. I decided on attending a two year program first at Indian Hills Community College in Iowa where I would become the NJCAA Individual Champion in 2006, one of my proudest accomplishments. After completing my two years I transferred to the University of Alabama at Birmingham where we competed in the 2008 NCAA Championships at Purdue University in Indiana. I wouldn’t trade my four years of college and the life long friends I have made for anything!

Brad SmithGolfIndian Hills Community College (Iowa) and University of Alabama at Birmingham

deanpolisenawebsitePlaying for Juaniata college in North America has been the best decision of my life. Not only am I receiving a world class education, I am taking part in my dream of playing tennis all around the country. I have made friends all across the world because of this opportunity. Never let anyone doubt your abilities and never give up on your dreams.

Dean PolisenaTennisJuanita College Pennsylvania


Going to college in America really is a once in a life time opportunity, it is really hard to give a good enough perspective of my experience because it is not comparable to any school or university back home. University sport over there is so big and important to them, I played in-front of audiences bigger than I ever would of imagined or got the chance to in Australia. I met and played with people from all over the world, and got to travel across America with my best friends while playing the sport I love. It’s an opportunity that has to be taken while it can.

Lewis EinarsonVolleyballMount Olive College North Carolina

samlaceyHaving played soccer since the age of 5, it has been a central part of my life for many years. I’ve enjoyed playing at the highest level possible in Adelaide, however after approaching the final year of school I was contemplating my next step forward in life. When I first considered playing college sport or soccer more specifically, it was a definite yes. From that decision onward it has been an exciting part of my life, with everything from talking directly with coaches to learning more about college life being prevalent in my mind. I look forward to commencing my college experience in a few days time, and even without leaving Adelaide I can tell it will be a rich and rewarding experience, being able to continue playing soccer in a competitive environment, as well as getting a college degree and no doubt a fantastic chapter of my life.

Samuel LaceySoccerNewberry University

oscarwightwebsiteSince first picking up a racquet at age seven, I had always wanted to pursue tennis. I made the state team three years running in high school, and had made the decision after making it the first year that I wanted to give college tennis in the US a go. I began the recruitment process during Year twelve, and as an international athlete I had a lot of interest from all around the US, which made it easy. I had finalised my decision by the end of the that year, and have loved everything that Pacific University has to offer since arriving in August 2014

Oscar WightTennisPacific University Oregon