It is with great pleasure that we would like to congratulate AD Alumni Jade Shellback of Cairns in Queensland, Australia on her College Golf Scholarship to William Woods University, in Fulton Missouri. William Woods are currently in the top rankings for Women’s Golf in the NAIA and we wish Jade all the best for the future.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Jade and we are honoured to have helped her secure this scholarship, just as we do for others, with our real service, which helps real people achieve dream results. With our expertise in sports career and international business we can help people like you achieve their dreams whist still getting the best education.

Based in Australia, we run the Athletes Dream programme which allows us to secure scholarships for Athletes from all over the world, in any of the 3500 Universities we work with in North America. Since the program began in 2014 we have saved parents a combined total of 4-year college costs totaling $3.1 million by securing their children’s scholarships. By using out experience and knowledge of the industry we can help your child achieve the placement they desire, to start them on the path to being a successful athlete with a proper academic background.

With our diverse student athlete career development and knowledge of university athletic scholarships USA. We can build a tailor made plan that will fulfill all the academic and athletic requirements needed. College in North America is a life changing experience and enriches the student with culture and lifestyle as well as sport and academy, so whether you are looking for a college basketball scholarship or a college golf scholarship, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

Athletes Dream is designed to find international student athletics scholarships in North America for budding athletes from all over the world. We can find the career option for you, bringing a real service to real people. Covering 24 sports we can match your child to the college athletics scholarship which will suit all of their needs so that their sport and academic life are together as one, leading to wonderful achievements and dream results.

Among the things to consider before applying for a Scholarship in North America is the fact that, there are many governing bodies, groups and divisions that may accept you, but you need to understand the required criteria. This will also include your academic results. This is where we can help you through your search.

Once you have chosen which Colleges or Universities you would like to apply for you, we can guide you through the process. You will need to pass an entry exam such as ACT or the SAT before you will be accepted by any institution and we can help you prepare for that, through our Score at the Top system which has combined with AD.

We work with both male and female Student-Athletes, aged between 15 and 21. If this is you then please complete the form below. Please keep in mind that when assessing Student-Athlete eligibility, various requirements for athletic and academic standards need to be considered. Completion of this form is your first step towards Living The Dream and will allow the AD team to conduct a fully free and comprehensive appraisal, leaving you well-educated on the process ahead.


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